There is a strong link between the art of calligraphy and the excellence of Persol’s Handmade in Italy: the uniqueness of each result. For both, a long and articulated creative work leads to creating a unique and personal work of art.

Persol dedicates a collection to contemporary calligraphers teaming up with one of the world’s leading figures in this art: Paul Antonio Scribe, one of the crown office scribes.

His work of art on glass “Line flows in the arc of life” is a poignant portrayal of what calligraphy truly means to him.


Paul Antonio perfectly embodies both a deep knowledge of the history of calligraphy and the curiosity of modern experimentation.


Fine craftsmanship meets the art of calligraphy, producing one of a kind eyewear with a personal, human touch.


Just like the letters in calligraphy that go from being practical instruments to artistic expressions, the Meflecto system is reinterpreted to take on a new aesthetic twist.


The internal part of the side arms is finished to bear the name of the collection and its decorations are inspired by the infinite lines drawn by calligraphers when practicing their skills.


Recalling the look of calligraphy pen nibs, the outer metal temples are embellished with subtly engraved motifs.

A lightweight mix of metal and acetate, as elegant as a calligraphic flourish.

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