PO0714 957/4N Photopolarized 

Persol PO0714 957/4N Photopolarized |  Icons  | Photo-polarized blue internal anti-glare treatment | Brown | Photo-Polar |  Acétate

Code de couleur:957/4N

Couleur de la monture:Brown

Couleur des verres:Photo-polarized blue internal anti-glare treatment

Matériau de la monture:Acétate

Taille de la monture:52,54


Fermer [x]

Product Description

Up to ten additional phases are needed to produce the folding models.Each example is made in its entirety and then carefully broken at three points, on both sides and the bridge.
The bridge
Housings are created in the upper and lower parts to accommodate the hinges. The folding areas are then filed smooth for maximum comfort.
The Sides
After fitting a core, the hinge is applied and the sides then go through the finishing process.
Millimetre precision
In order to ensure a perfect fold, the nosepieces are slightly different to those of other Persol models.
The 714 is one of the cornerstones of the Persol collection.

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