November 23, 2011
Persol and Italian cinema: a historic link renewed at the 29th edition of the Torino Film Festival

Turin, October 2011 - The strong and lasting bond with the film industry has taken the spotlight for the fifth consecutive year through the partnership between Persol and the Torino Film Festival, now in its 29th edition and scheduled from November 25 to December 3, 2011. Persol will award the best Italian documentary in the ITALIANA.DOC section created to promote and encourage the debate concerning Italian documentaries on film and video. In addition, the trailer of the documentary A work of Persol will introduce the lineup of documentaries competing in the ITALIANA.DOC competition and can be seen in full on Persol’s website (

Persol, an enduring icon of timeless elegance and allure that was established in Turin in 1917, is the protagonist and unquestionable ambassador of traditional quality and authentic Italian style.

Persol eyewear collections have always expressed the brand’s distinctive and traditional hallmarks. Those features have made Persol quality, design, and lens and frame technology world-famous. A careful eye for detail can be seen in the choice of materials, the design, and the refined workmanship combined with a search for cutting edge technologies. Superb craftsmanship and unique details revealing fine construction and functional techniques have always been a hallmark of Persol eyewear. And yet, year after year, Persol research successfully develops new products that speak a contemporary language.

The cinema has always been in Persol’s DNA. Since the 1960s, Persol models have featured many times in some of the keynote films of Italian cinema. Persol eyewear has been the personal choice of many unforgettable artists of the silver screen and international celebrities. The partnership between Persol and the Turin Film Festival confirms the successful affiliation between the brand and Italian cinema.

The partnership also exemplifies Persol’s commitment to culture and the arts at the very highest levels of quality, exclusivity and sophistication, the values that have always inspired the development of Persol collections.

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