September 08, 2010
Persol sponsors the 14TH edition of the Mantua literature festival

Persol, the brand par excellence of prestigious accessories designed and crafted in Italy, presents its book "Art in Process. A work of Persol" at the Mantua Literature Festival.

Persol celebrates its link with the world of culture by presenting its book "Art in Process. A work of Persol" at the Mantua Literature Festival, now at its 14th edition.

The undisputed protagonist and representative of genuine Made In Italy tradition of quality and style, Persol is, more than ever before, the icon of timeless charm and elegance. The attention to detail, quality, design, and lens and frame technology that have characterized Persol collections since 1917 are the brand's distinctive elements and make it the preferred choice of connoisseurs and famous personalities in international culture.

"Art in Process. A work of Persol" is dedicated to the communication platform A work of Persol that in 2009 and 2010 chronicled the creative process of 17 young and internationally-acclaimed artists and their 17 works of art created especially for Persol and shown to the public at ArtBasel 2010. Persol is the eighteenth and final artist, creator of works of art and manual ability through its glasses.

From the concept to the finished product, each step of the artists' creative process is documented in this book through interviews and photographs, linked in an original and personal way by Harriet Russell's drawings that provide a visual illustration of the design connection between the Persol philosophy and artistic creation. The rich repertoire of writing and snapshots provides a close-up of each artist and tells the story of the entire project through images, underlining the close relationship between art "work" and the production process that underlies each pair of Persol glasses with the same care and precision.

Authentic beauty can be found in the project and the process that transforms materials into work. Before the final touch that renders it "work," beauty is in fact held in the invisible levels of reflection and passion that are hiding beneath the surface of the final object - from the choice of materials to the precision in the production - that have preceded it and made it possible. A constant that is as true of a work of art as it is for a unique quality and exclusive item to wear, the result of a conscious path of merging craftsmanship and contemporaneity.

Edizioni Corraini is an editorial research and experimentation workshop open to artists, illustrators, and Italian and foreign designers. A place to create books, art and design projects. A perfect partner that knows how to interpret the spirit of the A Work of Persol project, bringing to life the volume Art in process. A Work of Persol."

The 2009 artists are: Jonathan Jones (Australia), Modou Dieng (Senegal), Thukral & Tagra (India), Marcella Vanzo (Italy), Fef Talavera (Brazil), Danwen Xing (China), Elliott Hundley (United States), Tjorg Douglas Beer (Germany), Francesca Gabbiani (Canada).
Completing the list in 2010: Anne Hardy (England), Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro (Australia), Mustafa Hulusi (England), Seher Shah (Pakistan), Amanda Ross-Ho (United States), Guillaume Leblon (France), Wilfrid Almendra (France), Francesco Cuomo (Italy).

The collaboration between Persol and the Mantua Literature Festival represents a successful combination at a cultural event of considerable interest. The collaboration is also proof of the brand's commitment to a world of culture with very high levels of quality and refinement, values that have always inspired the Persol collections.

Fabio dAngelantonio, Chief Marketing Officer of Luxottica Group, states: "Persol is made up of the genuine values of tradition, of the Italian art of handmade articles, which have made it an unsurpassed reference brand in the prestigious accessories segment. We are proud to share this unique experience for the third consecutive season at the Mantua Literature Festival, an event that is a benchmark on the international cultural scene."

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