July 29, 2010
Persol and the cinema: a longstanding relationship is renewed at the 67th Venice International Film Festival

Persol, the premier Made in Italy brand of sunglasses, is sponsoring the 67th Venice International Film Festival, and for the second year in a row, is presenting the PERSOL 3-D PRIZE for the most creative stereoscopic 3-D film of the yearPersol, a brand long been synonymous with elegance and allure, has become a legend in the history of Italian and international sunglass design. Movies have always been embedded in its DNA. In fact, since the 1960s various styles of Persol sunglasses have played a major role in some of Italys most important movies, and they have become the personal choice of many unforgettable actors and stars in the world of cinema and international star system.

The strong bond with the world of cinema has remained unchanged over time, and has resulted in the collaboration between Persol ePersol and the 67th Venice International Film Festival. Persol will in fact be present at all the Festivals key points in Venice, and it will accompany journalists and celebrities for the festivals entire duration. Persol will be also happy to present celebrities in attendance at the Lido with their own exclusive models to wear and to protect them from the incessant flashes of the photographers.

The main player and undisputed standard-bearer of a long tradition of quality and authentic style which is the Made in Italy brand, Persol is today more than ever an icon of timeless allure and elegance. Persols glasses collections have always been characterized by traditional elements that are distinctive of the brand, and that have made famous the quality, design, and technology of Persol lenses and frames. The attention to detail can be seen especially in the decision to offer various sizes for its sunglass and eyeglass frames; this guarantees the same custom fit and level of comfort as with the most important fashion designers working under the Made in Italy brand.

The Persol 3-D Prize for the most creative stereoscopic 3-D film of the year, which was awarded last year to Joe Dantes The Hole (one of Italys summer box office surprises), will be given again this year to the movie that makes the most creative use of stereoscopic 3-D technology. The movie will be chosen from among those produced and released in Italy (or presented at Italian film festivals) between September 11, 2009 and August 10, 2010. The Persol 3-D Prize will be awarded to the full-length movie that best explores the new frontiers of this medium of cinematic expression. Members of the Jury for the Persol 3-D Prize will be chosen directly by the Festivals directors.

If on the one hand Persol represents the Made in Italy brand and a tradition of craftsmanship par excellence, on the other it has always focused on selecting materials, and designing and manufacturing in the most accurate manner; it makes use of the most sophisticated level of craftsmanship as well as the most advanced technologies. In its quest for excellence, Persol continues to implement innovative strategies and technologies; its collections always refer to its long tradition by refashioning and updating it. For this reason Persol is happy to award a movie that embodies the extraordinary amount of innovation and the continuing evolution of avant-garde technologies that moviemaking the seventh art has achieved through the latest generation of digital stereoscopic 3-D technology.

The collaboration between Persol and the Festival confirms and renews the harmonious bond between the brand and the international world of the big screen. The collaboration also testifies to the brands commitment to the world of culture and the arts at their highest levels in terms of quality, exclusivity, and refinement, the same values that have always inspired the development of Persols collections.

Fabio dAngelantonio, Chief Marketing Officer of the Luxottica Group, affirm: We are proud to be continuing our felicitous collaboration with the Venice Biennial for the fifth season in a row. In particular, for the last two years Persol has been developing its support of cinematic arts by rewarding the creativity and innovation of 3-D moviemaking, which embodies an avant-garde vision and the most moving experience possible on the big screen.

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