June 16, 2010
The exclusive work of outstanding artists and the second edition of the communication platform: A Work of Persol.

During Art Basel, Persol celebrates its union with contemporary art by presenting the exclusive work of outstanding artists and the second edition of the communication platform: A Work of Persol.

Basel (Switzerland), 16 June 2010 - Luxottica, owner of the Persol brand, has chosen Art Basel, the most important international date in the contemporary art calendar, to celebrate the communication platform A Work of Persol from 16 to 20 June 2010. Art Basel 2010 is the perfect occasion to present to an audience of true contemporary art connoisseurs and aficionados the works of art from the collection A Work of Persol created by the seventeen outstanding artists participating in A Work of Persol between 2009 and 2010. The seventeen pieces of contemporary art will be presented by the artists from 16 to 20 June 2010 at the E-halle space in Basel. The exhibition will kick off with an exclusive vernissage on 16 June from 6pm until 10pm. Also to be presented on this occasion, is the volume "Art in Process. A Work of Persol", a limited edition book dedicated to the A Work of Persol project, edited by Edizioni Corraini and enriched with the drawings of British illustrator Harriet Russell.In addition, from 17 to 19 June, the exhibition will also be the setting for interesting public debates amongst artists, gallery owners and other important guests from the contemporary art world.

A Work of Persol is a project that started in 2009 in cooperation with the creative agency Cutwater, in San Francisco (U.S.A.) and based on the connection between the creative material process surrounding a work of art and the unique and exclusive process involved in creating each pair of Persol glasses. Persol is a brand that is historically linked to the design and art worlds with a long tradition of Italian design, craftsmanship and engineering dating back to 1917. A Work of Persol is an innovation for an eyewear brand, communicating the brand via contemporary art.

Persol has in fact always been synonymous with artistic expression, the result of a special production process that is carried out entirely in Italy and consisting of craftsmanship, culture, passion and dedication. A good thirty days are needed to create a pair of Persol glasses and each model is subjected to a careful and meticulous quality control before being assigned for sale. Precisely this lengthy creative process, painstakingly applied to each pair of glasses, has become an inspiration for this communication project that boasts seventeen contemporary art talents from all over the world who are distinguished by a creative process that expresses similar values and passion to those of the Persol collections. The seventeen artists, nine in 2009 and eight in 2010, who inspired by the Persol glasses production process to create their works of art, have been chosen on the basis of well-defined criteria. In fact each of them creates works that, as Persol glasses, have meaning, feature hand-crafted precision and can be distinguished thanks to an exclusive creation process centered on care, technique, material and craftsmanship. The artists of the A Work of Persol project share a passion for the materiality of art and work with patience and dedication. Each talent produced his or her work of art using different techniques, but they all had one inspiration: Persol.

The 2009 artists are: Jonathan Jones (Australia), Modou Dieng (Senegal), Thukral & Tagra (India), Marcella Vanzo (Italy), Fefè Talavera (Brazil), Danwen Xing (China), Elliott Hundley (United States), Tjorg Douglas Beer (Germany), Francesca Gabbiani (Canada). Completing the list in 2010: Anne Hardy (England), Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro (Australia), Mustafa Hulusi (England), Seher Shah (Pakistan), Amanda Ross-Ho (United States), Guillaume Leblon (France), Wilfrid Almendra (France), Francesco Cuomo (Italy).The last artist is Persol, which creates works of art with substance and style that are designed to be worn.

"Persol is a brand with authentic traditional values based on fine Italian craftsmanship, which make this brand an unparalleled point of reference in the luxury accessories market" said Chiara Occulti, Brand Director of Persol for Luxottica.“

Exhibiting the seventeen works created by the participating artists of the 2009 and 2010 A Work of Persol project at Art Basel is an ambitious goal that includes them in one of the most important events for contemporary art on a worldwide scale. Art Basel will be an opportunity to present A Work of Persol to an audience of true connoisseurs and aficionados of contemporary art. On this occasion we will exhibit the 17 works in the presence of the most important international contemporary artists. This year, too, ‘A Work of Persol’ has achieved its main objective to express the style of Persol, a brand tied to traditional values even as it seeks new frontiers to conquer.

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