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the phoenix reborn

Film Noir always contains intriguing characters, constantly plotting against
one another to gain the upper hand. Here are some examples of such
characters for inspiration.


  • the reporter
  • the femme fatale
  • the gangster
  • the detective


Movie formats supported: .mov, .avi, .wmv., .mpg4     -     Duration : Max 30s.      -     File weight : Max 250MB


The rookie of the story. Armed with courage only naïve youth can muster, he eyes the truth like a hound. Classy and collected, he makes up for his inexperience with determination. He often teams up with the detective, thereby forming an odd couple.

Dress code: Thin striped shirt and suspenders

Devilishly attractive. Using her looks like a poison to get her will, the femme fatale knows how to lure any man into her snare. The true brain of the story, she will make elaborate plans to fool the others.

Dress code: cocktail dress, full make-up and jewelry

The tough guy in the story. Assertive and dominant, he views himself as the alpha male anywhere he goes.

Handsome and proud, his only weakness is his arrogance, allowing people to get the best of him.

Dress code: expensive suits, slick hair, well-groomed

On top of his rugged good looks, his grizzled temples and tired eyes are indicators of the detective’s high strung lifestyle. He will let nothing get in his way on his quest to crack the case.

Dress code: five o’clock shadow, trench coat and hat

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