Here you will find assets to add a visual identity to your film.
Download and print the Phoenix arrow, which has multiple graphic applications.
You may use it as a logo, or as a recurrent shadow pattern to add mystery and class to your story.
Let your imagination run wild with it.

download & print the arrow

Enhance the mystery of your scene by using peripheral lighting. It will outline the contours of an object without revealing its entire nature, greatly enhancing its dramatic aura.
Use unfiltered spotlight to create the characteristic high-contrast chiaroscuro aesthetic.

Shadows should always be featured prominently. They underline the implicit omni-presence of evil.
Furthermore, they shroud part of the shot in mystery, keeping audiences on their toes as they never know who might be watching from the darkness.

To create the right mood, remember that the Film Noir genre is made of urban tales. The city is almost a character in its own right, depicted as dimly lit, confusing and intimidating. High contrast is a must, as the battle of light & shadow is an important thematic leitmotiv of the genre. Smoke is almost always used as well, to wrap the characters in mystery.

Here, you can download a suite of sound effects that may prove useful.
Should you need more sounds to create your film, we strongly recommend using sounds free of rights exclusively.

download our sound effects

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