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Spray painter
"Time refines the artist
to help him refine the art."


Born in 1955 in New York. Lives and works in New York. Leonard McGurr, known as FUTURA, is one of the most famous graffiti US artist, internationally acclaimed. While being a key figure of the movement, he was also one of the first to pass from the street’s walls to the galleries.

First interested in lettering, he finds his inspiration in the New York subway tunnels trying out several pseudonyms. By the early 70s, he began painting rail cars of Brooklyn subway. Almost instinctively, he leaves the subway to exhibit his works on canvas in alternative spaces like Fashion Moda in 1980, then in established galleries like Tony Shafrazi (1983) and Sydney Janis (1984).

From the mid-90s on, he develops his visual concept on the emerging Internet. More recently he posts his photographs day by day on Flickr. Such everyday images reflect his own vision of the world, his experiences, his travels, and open up to his parallel and impertinent world.

Versatile and genius, he does not however abandon the canvas, his new works throw us with the same impertinence into a sensitive universe still driven by its color games, just like in his recent creations featuring Lego futuristic cities.

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