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Mathilde Monnier

"Perfection is when you go to the end
of an idea until there's no direction."


Tardily entering the world of dance and after an experience as a dancer in the company of Viola Farber, Mathilde Monnier begins her interest in choreography in 1984 alternating between group, duo and solo projects. Piece by piece, she trumps expectations by presenting ever-evolving work.

Her artistic questioning is linked to problems of movement writing related to larger questions like “the in-common”, the relation to music, and the memory. In 1994, her nomination as head of the choreographic center of Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon marks the beginning of an era opening up to other art disciplines as well as an active reflection on the direction of an institution and how it is shared.

Her performances like “Pour Antigone”, “Déroutes, “Les lieux de là”, “Surrogate City”, “Soapéra” or “Twin Paradox” are invited to the biggest stages and international festivals. She alternates the creation of self-signed projects and projects cosigned by various personalities of the art world (Katerine, Christine Angot, Laribot, Heiner Goebbels).

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