PO0649 Crystal | Havana | Icons

Código del color:24/33

Color de la montura:Havana

Color de las lentes:Brown

Material de la montura:Acetato

Tamaño de la montura:52,54,56


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Descripción del producto

A style icon, the 649 is unique because it features Victorflex with other classic Persol design qualities. Victorflex is a system that gives the bridge maximum flexibility while standing out as an original and iconic design.
Created in the’30s as a derivative of Meflecto, Victorflex is a unique flexible bridge, made by inserting two steel strips into the acetate and cutting three vertical slits on the bridge. Five intricate manual steps are needed for this process. Interestingly, Victorflex is shown to it’s full potential, giving a glimpse of the steel through the acetate, on the patented dappled color Persol frames.

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PO0649 Código del color: 24/33

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Cómo elegir el tamaño

Tamaño de la montura:

Tamaño de la montura:

SMALL FACE: 49 - 50
MEDIUM FACE: 52 - 54
LARGE FACE: 56 and Over

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