Roadster GT
Photo-Polar Lenses

These crystal lenses have both a polarized filter and a photochromic filter. The polarized filter blocks glare, while the
photochromic filter darkens the color of the lens according to the amount of incoming light to ensure perfect vision in any condition.
Persol’s Photo-Polar lenses have an anti-reflective internal coating and an oleophobic coating. They also provide 100% protection against UV rays.

Special riveted decoration

The decoration on the upper front part looks hand-beaten, a beating used for metal parts on cars.

Meflecto with rounded cylinders

Inspired by the rounded shapes of car air vents, the round cylinders enhance the collection, making it one of a kind.

Precious details on the end

The arm has been enhanced by a special internal finish, inspired by car grills, which offers exceptional comfort.
On the outside, the decoration under the resin looks like the Persol arrow.

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