There is a strong link between the art of calligraphy
and Persol Italian craftsmanship: their ability to
make tradition evolve into new and contemporary
forms of creation. This is how the Calligrapher
collection frames were born.

The Evolution of Calligrapher

A Step Forward

Sunglasses frames


Round shape, on-trend metal double bridge and - for the first time on Persol - flat lenses.
For the contemporary elegance of true urban individuals.


Soft-shine metal double bridge and flat lenses redifine the modern attitude of a new generation of gentlemen in this light squared frame.

Optical Frames


This light squared shape with engraved metal temples redifines the concept of modern elegance in its vintage-insiperd appeal.


This round, distinctivly retrò shape offers elegance for those who value contemporary luxury with distinctive style. 

The First Expression

Sunglasses frames


A sleek squared acetate shape balanced out by finely engraved linear metal temples and distinctive aesthetic details.


These stylish panthos feature a fine acetate rim with metal bridge and engraved striations on ultra-light metal temples. 

Optical Frames


This round shape offers a look of bespoke elegance and unisex appeal for up-to-date individuals with a taste for modern luxury.


A lightweight mix of rifined materials for this squared shape, featuring metal temples with subtly engraved motifs.