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0PO3160V--95 casa de papel 0PO3160V--108 casa de papel

P03160V - Black 95

P03160V - Caffè 108

El Profesor Original

Think you have what it takes to be like El Profesor? Think you’re ready to share his vision? We’ll see about that.

0PO3235S--108-4E casa de papel 0PO3235S--95-S3 casa de papel

PO3235S - Caffè 108

PO3235S - Black 95

El Profesor Sergio

When it comes to hidden identity, to mystery, to staying out of the spotlight, this is the mask El Profesor chooses. It’s all in the details, you see.

0PO3235S--95-AM casa de papel
24k lenses

24K Gold Plated Lenses :: SOLD OUT

Limited Edition La Casa De Papel

You were just the kind of person needed for the next “business proposal”. But now this limited edition gold ingot with 24K gold plated lenses is sold out.

sold out
casa de papel custom packs casa de papel custom gold pack casa de papel custom pack

The finishing touches.

Every particular counts when it comes to seeing through his eyes. So here are the exclusive cases created only for these frames.

0PO3235S--108-4E monnogram 0PO3160V--95 monogram

Bienvenido a la banda.
Now add your monogram.

Good job, you’ve come this far. Now complete your frame with a monogram engraved to make it even more unique.

PO3235S - Caffè 108

P03160V - Black 95

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