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Holiday Gift Guide. The Timeless Journey.

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Holiday Gift Guide.
The Timeless Journey.

Most Popular: 714
Timeless details. The first folding sunglasses ever.

The 714 was the first-ever model of folding glasses, a masterpiece of eyewear and permanently futuristic, evolving into iconic versions like 714 Steve McQueen™ with 24K gold plated lenses.

Most Popular: 649
A tram journey from Turin to eternally settled dust.

Created in 1957 for tram drivers in Turin who needed their eyes protecting from the dust, the 649 combines timeless craft and innovation, introducing an ever-changing series of icons.

Most Popular: PO3225S
A journey from the ‘80s cinema to your screen.

PO3225S takes you straight from the golden age of '80s cinema to a visionary and timeless style, with exclusive acetates and polarized lenses.

Most Popular: Cellor
A timeless journey between cellulose and gold.

PO3105S is constantly reinvented. Between past, present and future, where heritage becomes evolution and iconic frames are unaffected by time.

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A unique gift, a timeless work of art.

Small characteristics that make a big difference and three letters to make your Persol unique.

0PO9649S--24-31  Holiday photo
ADD MONOGRAM on 649 Original

New Arrivals
The newest masterpieces. A new journey.

The latest in style and craftsmanship all meet here with PO3230 and PO2465. Modern design to frame the elegance of a new Persol generation. Always maintaining their Handmade in Italy mantra.

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