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Persol Prescription Lenses

All of Persol’s prescription lenses are crafted with the finest materials and using Digital Surface Technology that engineers every single lens with the maximum precision. This is what creates Persol’s unique complete pair.*

*All the lens characteristics refer to the Persol collection

What makes Persol’s prescription lenses unique

Along with enhanced vision, these state-of-the-art prescription lenses offer unique benefits to provide the ultimate vision experience.

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The Persol signature etching
The brand logo assures 100% authenticity.

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100% UV protection
Ultra violet repellent coating.

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Anti-reflective & anti-smudge coatings
Anti-reflective coating for greater protection, with added oil and water repellent coating for easier cleaning lenses.

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Blue filtering treatment
Blue light filter that protects your eyes when exposed to digital screens and sun rays.

How to get a prescription frame

A few simple steps that will have you seeing your best with unparalleled vision.

01 Select an optical frame

02 Add prescription lenses

03 Go to checkout

04 Send your prescription within 5 days to

05 Remember that you’ll also need your pupillary distance. Find out more

06 Receive your complete pair

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If you have any questions or doubts on how to get a prescription frame, you can easily contact our customer service.

Our prescription lenses

Discover the unique features of Persol lenses available for your eyes, both single vision (for one field of vision) and progressive (for near and far sightedness).

Regular - Premium lens

A lens that provides perfect clarity and superior vision, recommended for light to moderate prescriptions.
Supported prescription: +6.00 to -8.00

Thin - Premium lens

A light and thin lens with superior resistance to breakage, recommended for moderate prescriptions.
Supported prescription: +8.00 to -10.00

Ultra-thin - Premium lens

An ultra-thin and ultra-light lens, ideal for all and recommended for strong prescriptions.
Supported prescription: +10.00 to -16.00

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