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Exclusive pre-release collection for Makers

Persol Titanium Collection
Maestria meets Shokunin 職人

Discover the Titanium collection, where Italian artisans and Japanese masters unite in heritage and expertease to become unique frame sculptors.

In a world that demands immediacy, we choose the devotion to quality, beauty and patience. A way of life, where an extraordinary metal requires equally extraordinary skills to shape and create into a collection.

PO_TITANIUM_Shape_Oval Kiki Kikuna wearing
Oval Titanium

Kikuna, director and designer for a menswear brand called PURPLE THINGS, inspired by Japanese streetwear and hip hop.
Like many designers in Japan, she gets her inspiration from the advanced craftsmanship of and devotion to quality both from her country and overseas.

PO_TITANIUM_Shape_Hexagonal Max Mackee wearing
Hexagonal Titanium

Max Mackee, an entrepreneur, lawyer, and DJ that 7 years ago set up a payments start-up in Japan.
To help change and develop Japanese society through start-ups, he was inspired by traditional and modern forms of Japanese and European culture united.

PO_TITANIUM_Shape_DoubleBridge Ino Hidefumi wearing
Double Bridge Titanium

Hidefumi Ino, a musician and singer-songwriter who launched a label called Innocent Record to spread his own sound.
An a-typical musician who isn’t inspired by his surroundings but by other records and music, both from Japan and around the world.

PO_TITANIUM_Shape_Round Xavier Tera and Janie Chartier
wearing Round Titanium

Xavier Tera and Janie Chartier, co-founders of Twin Brains Films in Tokyo born 3 years ago when they moved to Japan.
Whilst working in Japan, they discovered how important the cultural aspect of every production, narration, and storytelling is, turning every film into a collaboration between two cultures.

The Making Of
Titanium Collection

Italian and Japanese craftsmanship unify in two words and one collection: Persol Titanium Collection.

Six things to know about Titanium collection:
1) Light, strong and inimitable material 2) Guillochè decoration engraved on the temples, bridge and rims 3) Nose pads are titanium and decorated with the Persol logo 4) One-piece temple with integrated titanium temple tip 5) Arrow and stylized Meflecto in titanium and perfectly carved from the temple 6) Lenses are always in crystal, with some polar options

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