The Origins - Sun
Originally designed in 1957 for Turin tram-drivers, 649 soon rose from its functional beginnings. Then became a legend when Marcello Mastroianni wore it in the classic Divorce, Italian Style. Combining the best of design and technology, its unique shape has become the unmistakable brand icon over time.
The Evolution - Sun & Optical
The innovative spirit of the legendary Persol 649 once again
writes a radically new chapter in the brand’s history.
PO9649S & PO9649V
While maintaining the unmistakable shape of the original, 9649S and 9649V feature lighter, thinner profiles creating a new style of sunglasses and, for the first time, of optical glasses as well.
PO8649S & PO8359V
Contemporary evolution of its predecessor, the new styles evolve timeless Italian design with new shapes and contrasting materials.
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