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Merging past and present in a timeless style, the icons are distinguished for their unique design that captures the essence and soul of Persol.

649 Series

Originally designed in 1957 for Turin tram-drivers, 649 soon rose from its functional beginnings. Then became a legend when Marcello Mastroianni wore it in the classic Divorce, Italian Style. Combining the best of design and technology, its unique shape has become the unmistakable brand icon over time.
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714 Series

Introduced in the 1960s as a folding version of the 649 model, the 714 were the first-ever folding glasses. This model requires ten additional manufacturing steps compared to the standard ones. 714 glasses owe their fame to Steve McQueen™, who wore them in the film The Thomas Crown Affair.
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Created in the 1950s, featured for years in the brand’s collections, constantly reinvented while always maintaining its original look, Cellor is now rediscovered in its original shape in sun version.
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All Styles

Combo Evolution

The evolution of a unique design concept, the Sartoria Combo Evolution meets the protagonists of contemporary style. Bespoke style, a crafted finish and luminous new colors give the collection a new twist, and redefine elegance to meet the needs of a modern man.

Tailoring Edition

Timeless elegance interpreted in a sophisticated, modern way.

The Sartoria Tailoring Edition’s innovative design represents the personality of timeless men & women, with just a touch of vanity to express the eclectic vision and luxury tastes of modern individuals.

Metal Capsule

Forging paths into timeless style, a new generation of metal frames innovates Persol's crafted story, transforming and reinventing our concept of handmade style.

Distinctive yet essential luxury goes full-metal with the Sartoria Metal Capsule Collection.

Typewriter Edition

Discover the new collection inspired by the hero of the Golden Age of writing. The Typewriter.
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Galleria 900

The inspiration for the models in the Galleria ‘900 collection comes from Persol’s 1940s archive. Stylish, sophisticated designs and original acetates for distinctive, exclusive glasses.
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Calligrapher Edition

Fine craftsmanship meets the art of calligraphy, producing one of a kind eyewear with a personal, human touch.
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Reflex Edition

A collection inspired by cameras with a vintage look and feel, a real object of worship for people passionate about photography.
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