The Origins - Sun
Introduced in the 1960s as a folding version of the 649 model, the 714 were the first-ever folding glasses. This model requires ten additional manufacturing steps compared to the standard ones. 714 glasses owe their fame to Steve McQueen™, who wore them in the film The Thomas Crown Affair.
The Evolution - Sun
After the 9649, another iconic model takes on a present-day feel: the folding 714 is now offered in a lighter, slimmer design, and for the first time is also available in the optical version. The 9714 is the ultimate evolution that gives Persol’s superior «Folding» mechanism a contemporary flair.
The Evolution - Optical
Steve McQueen™
Back in the 70's, the film star Steve McQueen™ made the 714 model into a legend, not only wearing them on set while making "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "The Getaway", but also in his private life. Persol celebrates the actor, relaunching his favourite model with a special edition that features a series of small but exceptionally important details compared to the original model.
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