Persol & Cinema.
Frames from films.

An ode to the everlasting bond between Persol and cinema through the decades. From the greatest Italian and international films, discover movie sunglasses seen on the big screen. And now on yours.

2020 - 2010
An open-ended story.

The best storylines are the ones left to the imagination, with endings that never end. But are only to be continued...

2009 - 2000
The turning point.

From superheroes to casinò thieves, the new millenium brought with it brand new cinematographic appearances for Persol frames.

1999 - 1980
The plot thickens.

A change of scenery took Persol frames from homeland Cinecittà straight to Hollywood. All in an international blink of an eye.

1979 - 1960
Where it all began.

Our story begins in Italy, where iconic Italian films and iconic Italian directors begin to feature Persol frames in their scenes.

Welcome, cinema buffs.

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